Supra C500 Police Accredited Outdoor Key Safe


This Supra C500 Police Accredited Outdoor Key Safe is the first in the UK with Police Preferred Accreditation and has undergone rigorous attack tests to achieve an independent security rating, LPS 1175 Level 1, demonstrating it provides the same security as a domestic front door.  The LPS 1175 test was devised by a panel of experts, including:
The Association of British Insurers
The Association of Chief Police Officers
The Home Office

Please note to maintain the Police Accreditation the C500 must be installed into brick or dense concrete, not breeze block or mortar.  When installed and used as intended, this key safe is covered by a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing faults.

This key safe is supplied complete with a weather cover and 4 x wall tapping screws that do not require wall plugs.

If installing yourself, you may need a T30 Screwdriver and 5mmx110mm Drill Bit.

You can change your code as many times as you want to maintain security
It is constructed from Zinc Alloy making it attack resistant
It is rust and water resistant and can be used in temperatures from – 32°C to 68°C
Weight: 1,710g

Key Safe Installation Service available on this website.


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